What is Jnetwork Website Design Sales Partner

It is an unique and innovative direct sales program developed by Jnetwork Website Design Company to leverage the untapped expertise and entrepreneurship in our community to help us grow our company and shape the future of website industrial in Singapore.

We designed the Program using the best elements of other successful and respected direct sales programs, such as those from the insurance and financial planning industries.

Do I need to pay for being a Sales Partner?

No, You can join us at absolutly no cost.

How much time and effort must I commit?

That is entirely up to you. You can work as little or as much as you’d like to suit your individual needs. There is no minimum sales quota to meet.

In short, the more you work, the more you will be paid.

Am I expected to have any special skills or experience?

No special skills or experience are needed, however; it would be expected that you would generally be naturally outgoing and personable and be able to easily approach people they don’t know to talk about our products and services.

Do you provide any special training or support tools?

This is optional, if you are already have the experience of doing sales, you may go ahead and start immediate.

However, if you do need some special trainnig from us, kindly contact us and we will gladly assist you on this.

Do I need to sign an agreement or contract?

Yes, all new Sales Partner are required to complete and sign an Agreement form in order to formalize their enrolment.

This allows us to ensure that all new Sales Partner have read and agreed to the Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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