1. For a good start, Sales Partner can approach their friends / relatives to ask if they need a website for their personal or business use. It's always easier to talk to people who you know to built confidence.
  2. We DO NOT encourage Sales Partners by phone calls, mobile text messages such as SMS or MMS, and faxes for sales as it may breach the legalisation in Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Read more on
  3. Sales Partners are allowed to use other means to increase their sales, i.e facebook, Instagram, twitter or any social media as long as it is legit.
  4. When you have someone to talk to, ask about their requirement. What they need this website for? Typically, websites are categorised into :
    1. Show-and-Tell. A static website, normally a less than 5 pages website where they will write a short story on themselves or a product they want to tell the world. A company will need this kind of website to showcase their company profile in the internet world.
    2. Blogging. Well, this explains itself, he / she would be using this website to blog. This will be a dynamic website and would require a database to save all the blog contents.
    3. Online Shopping. This is an e-commerce website where people will be running the business to sell their products online.
  5. Sales Partner can use Jnetwork Website Design Samples to show their prospects.
  6. Now you have known what they need their website for, the next questions is to ask if their need any Add-ons to make their website more functional. Add-ons can be found in Jnetwork Website Design Detailed Price Guide.
  7. Once you have understood their functional needs, next we will talk about design.
    1. Ask if they have their preferred colours to be used on the website. If no preference, our designers will do it.
    2. Ask if they have a preferred style, clients sometimes would like to have the same style from another website or a combination of styles from different websites to be built into their website. If no preference, our designers will do it.
  8. You may use Jnetwork Website Design Detailed Price Guide to give the customer an estimation price for their website. However, you will be required to discuss with us on customer requirements, and we will then give you a final price for the website.
  9. Bring the final price back to the customer to confirm all parties agreed with the final price. Customer will then have to sign an agreement contract for the job to commence.
  10. Customer need to know that 40% down payment is required before job commence and 60% payment is required upon job completed.
  11. Once the order is confirmed, we will take over, we will do up the website and a proper hand over to the customer upon completion.
  12. Refer to Terms of Use for more details

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