15 Questions for Web Design and Development



15 Questions for Web Design and Development


The process of creating a layout is full of questions related to color, typography and even distinctiveness. While your project management style may be superb and your coding technique beyond measure, design comes with its own set of questions. Web design and development calls for endless decisions, and that’s what these following questions are supposed to help you resolve.

1. Have you optimized your media?

Images, videos and audio take up more bandwidth and space than anything else. Consider compressing and optimizing them with tools such as Smush.it.

2. Is the user interface overcrowded?

If there’s one thing no one likes, it’s a stuffy and bloated design. Determine whether reductionism can help you design better websites.

3. Is the web design and development distinctive and unique?

With site templates in abundance, having a layout that’s fresh and eye-catching is a must. Breaking the mould may improve your brand’s identity.

4. When should I redesign?

Are you able to produce something totally different or enhance what you have?

5. Does the layout make sense?

Whether you pick one column or three, a lot of scrolling or none, decisions on your pages’ visual hierarchy will directly affect readability.

6. Do the colors give off the right feeling?

Color is closely linked to emotion; a palette can be the difference between a fun-looking website and professional-looking one.

7. What typography is best?

As with color, typography affects the feel of the website. Build your font stacks wisely and attentively and take time to craft a masterful typography design.

8. How visible are links?

Links have no purpose if they cannot be seen. Make sure you take the time to design your hyperlinks well.

9. Are you using enough white space?

Too many websites squeeze everything too close together. If you add some breathing room, the result could be improved readability.

10. Have you considered content on-demand?

With the rise of Ajax and fast content switching techniques, packing more data onto the page is easy. Consider doing this with very long web pages.

11. Is the web design and development aesthetically pleasing?

While this process is subjective, it’s still a good idea to get feedback from your friends, co-workers and perhaps a stranger or two to determine whether your work is visually appealing or not.

12. Is the content readable?

Nothing is more important than content; if it’s legible and coherent, then your site users will be happy.

13. Does the web design and development scale at various resolutions?

Displays are getting bigger (bigger desktop monitors) and smaller (mobile devices) at the same time; make sure your work renders in all web-enabled devices. For mobile devices, take advantage of free tools for testing designs in mobile devices.

14. Are important site features emphasized?

Some things are more important than others; consider the various ways that relevant content can be highlighted so that visitors can easily find it.

15. Does the website feel complete?

This is probably among the most important yet difficult questions to answer. Recognizing when it’s ready requires a lot of care and thought.

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