Business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales have undergone quite a change in the last 15 years. Whether you’re offering a physical product or something less tangible, like consulting services, you have more than likely thought about new ways to sell your product.

Ecommerce offers an effective, fast solution to getting your product out to consumers with minimal effort. The onus falls on companies to make that process as simple as possible. More steps between a customer and their purchase will always lead to higher bounce rate and lower sales numbers. Don’t get caught missing out converting high quality leads because your sales operations are lacking.

Jnetwork has a stable of clients who wish to not only inform their customers via a phenomenal website; they wish to sell that product on-site as well. Our clients with restaurants and bars already offer amazing food and libations, and for those who wish to show off where they consume said delights, the clients want to give them that option!

Clients who offer services want to give folks the opportunity to sign up for and pay for services on-site, another ecommerce option. Jnetwork will build a strategy around your sales goals, and create solutions geared toward your specific needs.

By utilizing fantastic tools like Woocommerce and Shopify, we are able to seamlessly integrate ecommerce solutions directly into the client’s site.

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You have a great product, and it needs an outlet to be sold, and our ecommerce experts are here to do just that.

We will work with you to create an effective, efficient strategy for distributing your product to the masses.

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